Be card-smart!

Learn to use your cards wisely. Effortlessly.

We miss out on card offers all the time, they are just too hard to keep a track off. Well, not anymore!

Cardinal knows all the offers on your cards and digital wallets, and will tell you the best card to use at any given place to maximize your savings.

You'll reach for it every time you decide to spend!

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Discover offers on your card

Discover Offers On Your Cards

Your Cards are loaded with offers and we're keeping track. Make the most of them.

Find the right card

Find the right card

All cards offer something different. Find the right one for your next swipe.

Never miss an offer nearby

Never Miss An Offer Nearby

Always pays to know what is around you, and with offers, it pays quite literally.

Absolutely safe

Absolutely Safe

No need of your card numbers. The card name and issuing bank is all you need to view offers.

How it works


Add Cards

Add all your cards.No sensitive information needed.


Check Offers

Get the recommended offers for your cards.Or explore all offers the way you like


Use Best Card

Check the details and know the best card to use at the merchant

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